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Signature Custom RAW XS

Section: Alto Saxophones

Manufactured by
Trevor James
Signature Custom RAW XS
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Signature Custom RAW XS

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‘What a killing horn…’ Andy Sheppard
‘Super horn…’ Phil Veacock
‘Very impressive……’ Theo Travis
‘….its not just a good horn, it’s a great horn…..’ Stephen Howard

As an advanced or professional sax player you will have experience of playing saxophones made of different metals and finishes. One metal may give you more immediacy or a brighter tone than another. You may have liked playing instruments which have been created using different metal combinations such as silver crook and rose brass body. You may even have preferred the vibrant tones and depth of the bronze and gold finishes. What is for certain, is that you know what you want and expect in an instrument to suit your own tastes and requirements.

The RAW sax and the Signature Custom saxophone range aims to bridge the gap between what the player 'demands' in a saxophone and what the manufacturer supplies in return. As an example, the new 'Raw' Signature Custom saxophones have resulted in the demand from sax players around the world for the Vintage and aged look. Unlike many other Companies who simply apply a coloured finish to the instrument to give it the appearance of being old, Trevor James simply take the saxophone back to it's raw condition through careful hand buffing. As this process is done by hand, every RAW sax is unique in its finish.

The RAW sax is built and hand buffed / finished at Trevor James' Lenham (UK) saxophone technical workshop. The result?....An instrument with a wide amount of tonal colours, sound options and flexibility which is more personal, more advanced and unlike any other!

Features in detail:
• Complete flexibility of sound through a new designed hand modified crook
• Angular change to crook giving more comfortable playing position
• Large bell flare (optional) giving enhanced power & low octave stability
• Stunning intonation & openness of sound from enhanced octave & venting design
• Built using the best quality brass alloy & then minimising polishing & interference to the material. Unlacquered of course giving the ‘Horn’ a vibrant response with huge colour & tonal range options!
• Improved mechanism adjustment to create rock solid stability
• Finer pitched adjusting screws to allow for smaller adjustments
• New double arm design provides: 1. Protection to low C key from twisting; 2. Protection of low C# from damage by saxophone stands; 3. Double arm on low D to help prevent key twist form distant position of touch piece however heavy your finger pressure; 4. Double arm for F key to create solid seating for F but also a solid foundation to F-F#-G#-Bb adjustments.
• Genuine shell touch pieces
• Finest quality blue steel needle springs….as usual!
• Finest quality Pisoni pads, waterproof with chrome resonators
Note: Not supplied with mouthpiece

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